❝ Paul at Dimsou came through – and in a BIG, BIG WAY! Not only did he ask great questions about my goals, but he immediately understood my needs and explained the process in simple language. With very little notice, Paul stepped up to the challenge and had my campaign designed, built and ready to launch by my targeted date. My goal was to run ads for 10 days and within that time acquire 13 leads with one closed deal. Today is the 10th day and so far Dimsou’s efforts have netted 3,972 impressions, a reach of 3,004 people, 39 strong leads (with more coming in!), and I’m in the process of closing my first three jobs. And I still have 1/3 of my budget left to spend! During one conversation, I told Paul, once again, how much I appreciated his efforts and his extra attention and his response was, “Look, Kellye. When you’re successful, then I’m successful.” Truly the team player I was praying to find. No doubt this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership. ❞

Kellye Kamp – Founder, Renovate Kate

❝ We needed a website that was tailored to our business needs. Dimsou gave us the results we needed to execute our business plan and sell our services. The main reason we would recommend working with Dimsou is the high quality of work. ❞

Miguel Tello – CEO, Payne Records

❝ Thank you and your team at Dimsou for providing exceptional service to Erenti since 2016. Your personal commitment to our social media growth as well our website SEO has continuously exceeded our expectations year after year. Our team has learned the flexibility of your process as well as your dedication to us as an ongoing client. ❞

Osborne Ojarimoni  – Creative Director, Erenti

❝ I wasn’t able to generate sales without having a website. The website saved my business, people were able to see what my products look like, the ingredients,images and just basic information about the product. You get the results you are looking for, any adjustments you need they are willing to do promptly. They never leave you unsatisfied. ❞

Edith William – Founder, Beauty & Beyond

❝ Dimsou worked with me to build the perfect website, creative and relative to my industry. They even went further and introduced me to an app they’ve been working on helping me to increase engagement in my social media. As a small business I’d highly recommend. ❞

Deji Adegboyega – Founder, Film Mongers

❝ They offered some very specific and helpful suggestions which we plan on implementing. I think it will make our IG engagement better. We are rehiring for a longer period. Extremely good communication! ❞

Susan Kersch-Kibler – Founder, Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency