Why An Online Presence Is Invaluable Today

Considering the current digital age we now live in, establishing an online presence has never been more important. If you’re looking to build your brand or scale your business, ensuring you have a plan to do so on a digital level is key to your ultimate success.

According to HootSuite, “1.9 billion logged-in users visit YouTube every month” (2019). This statistic, among others, are reason enough to recognise the importance of having a web presence. The marketplace has moved online and the same applies for the customers interacting with that marketplace.

Increase Your Credibility

A web presence is the new shop front. In the same way customers visit a store to purchase a product and to understand the brand, the online presence you present to the world is the way customers now reach and interact with you.

Whether you’re an e-commerce store selling handmade skincare or you’re an influencer focussing on sustainable fashion, having an online presence where your community can find you is fundamental.

The credibility of your brand is intrinsically linked to your web presence so ensuring yours is up to scratch is key to determining how your customers perceive, view and ultimately, value you.

Attract New Clients

An online presence, whether it be through Instagram, Facebook or your own personal website, is no longer an optional addition to your brand. It’s an essential.

Clients now expect you to have an online presence. One of the first things they will do when discovering your brand is to Google you. The results that come up and the web presence associated with your brand or business will influence whether you convert that client into a customer or not.

Remember that how you present yourself online will determine the effectiveness of your brand, mission and service. If your online presence looks unprofessional, is hard to interact with or is simply inaccessible, you’re only putting up an unnecessary wall between your brand and locking in new clients.

Convert Content Into Clients

Ensuring your online presence includes call-to-actions and effective solutions to convert individuals into customers may be the most important factor.

For example, consider you’re a business selling eco water bottles. You’ve written a blog post about the toxicity of plastic bottles and their impact on the ocean. It’s a popular piece of content on your website and it’s gaining traction. However, there’s no call-to-actions within the content. This means you’ve missed an invaluable opportunity to convert those readers into clients.

Understanding how to generate leads within your content will influence the ultimate effectiveness of your online presence.

The Verdict

No matter what your brand or business, your online presence is connected to its ultimate success. Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, attract new clients for your already existing business or you’re aiming to present yourself as a credible expert, the way you present yourself online is an invaluable skill set to master.

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