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Different people create content for different reasons. However, most of the time, we create content to grow an audience that may one day turn into paying customers. With that in mind, every piece of content should be a sort of sales pitch. 

However, we’re not talking about the ‘in-your-face’ type of sales pitch we see in droves across the internet these days. Instead, we’re suggesting you implement a more nuanced approach. The idea is to build trust with your audience, deliver value upon value, and then ask for something in return.

In this article, we’re sharing our 7 tips on creating content that converts to ensure your strategy is as effective and efficient as possible. 

Know Your Audience 

This is the first step towards success. How else do you expect to create content that truly resonates with your audience if you don’t know them intimately? Your audience is more likely to buy from you if they believe that you know what they really need. 

So, if you haven’t done this already, take time out to understand the challenges and the desires of your audience. From there, tailor your content to bridge the gap between where they are currently and where they want to be.

Grab Attention From The Outset

These days, everywhere you look on the internet, someone is trying to sell you something. Web users have all but gone numb to the flashy ads and tongue-in-cheek sales pitches. 

For you, grabbing the attention of a reader or viewer right from the outset is fundamental. So, just how can you do this? Well, it all starts with your headline which could be the title of your blog post, the name of your YouTube video, or the first sentence of your Instagram caption. 

What’s important to remember is that bland headlines are your worst enemy. Avoid just stating things plainly, and instead, add some intrigue into the mix. For example, rather than the headline “10 ways to make money online”, why not try, “Here’s how you can make $1000 this week”. A headline that creates interest cannot be ignored. Be sure to put the right headline in front of the right person and you’ll be 

Once you’ve mastered captivating headlines, go ahead and deliver on the promise of the headline. You don’t want to use click-bait titles without delivering any value so ensure your content matches up to your captivating title. 

Abandon The Salesy Vibe

Be as conversational as possible. Whether it’s a blog post or video, avoid using cliché or scripted sales pitches. It’s safe to say your audience is all too familiar with sales lingo and will switch off instantly.

What’s more, your content should flow because you truly understand your audience. Show them that you know how they feel. Don’t just come out to ask for something without first giving something of value. Essentially, it’s a trade and you’ll need to fulfill your end of the bargain once your audience is hooked.  

Aim To Be The Best

The principle here is simple; quality over quantity. Gone are the days when all you needed was more content. What you need now is quality content. Think about the authority figures you follow in different niches. What made you decide to follow them or join their audience? It’s likely that they’re good at what they do and they are the best in their field. There are a plentiful of options out there today which results in only the best standing out. Endeavor to be among industry leaders. The higher the quality of your content and the value you deliver, the bigger your audience and consequently, the more conversions you’ll achieve. 

Leverage Testimonials 

If you have clients that have tried your product or service and are happy with it, ask them to put their experience in words for you. This could be in the form of a review or them permitting you to share their story as part of your sales pitch. If possible, you can ask top influencers to review your product or service. Once you’re able to establish social proof, creating content that converts will be that much easier! 

Implement Strategic Call-To-Action Placements 

When do you deliver your pitch? Or, where do you place your call-to-action (CTA)? Well, to answer these questions, you first have to know where to place your CTA. You’re more likely to see better results if your CTA comes after you have been able to take your audience to a higher plane emotionally. 

After grabbing your audience’s attention and showing them how you can meet their desires, then drop your CTA. However, be mindful of what you ask for in your CTA. Considering the value your content offers, you don’t want to undermine such by using an ineffective CTA and driving a potential client away. 

Consider and Remember the Power of Video

If you’re not employing video content, you’re missing out on significant opportunities when it comes to conversions. Currently, most people prefer to watch a video than read text. Statistics show that if video is used properly, it can provide you with a significant boost. So, in your next sales campaign, be sure to use video.

The Verdict

By implementing our top tips, we’re sure you can begin to see incredible results from your content and land the conversions that you’re aiming for! Be sure to experiment as each business model is different and once you’ve found the right approach for your brand, simply repeat the process. 

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