5 Email Marketing Tips When Launching Your New Website

It’s 2020, and email marketing is still at the top of the list when it comes to affordable marketing techniques, especially if you’re looking to get your new site up and running. It can be quite a hit and miss when push comes to shove, but in order to reap as many benefits of this marketing formula as possible, you need to know what you’re doing.

No matter if you’ve been churning away with different email strategies or you’re a complete beginner to the world of website marketing, we’ll take you through the most cost efficient and time effective email marketing tips when launching a website.

Build Your List – With The Right Bait

This might sound like a rather obvious step, but it’s actually the most important one throughout the whole process. Why? Because without the right audience, who are you selling to?

When you’re adding your newsletter form onto your website, you need to make sure you’re providing as much value as possible. It’s 2020 and trust me, you’re not the first person to ask your visitors to sign up for a newsletter.

That’s why, in order to increase your chances of future upsell or action, you want to ensure you’re offering something unique. An exclusive benefit or formula only you can offer will be the reason your visitors sign up in the first place. And don’t think of this as you giving away your secret to success. Rather, think of it as building trust. The more genuine insight and benefits you offer, the more they’ll trust your judgment, and the more likely they’ll be to follow you (and your emails) in the future.

Decide What Type of Email You Want to Send

Be clear with yourself and your subscribers (as well as potential subscribers) from the start. What type of value are your emails conveying and how frequently will they dip down into the visitor’s inbox?

These are a few examples of common forms of newsletters:

  1. Promotional emails for special offers or sales
  2. Informational emails providing weekly or monthly insights and advice
  3. Seasonal messages (for holidays or special events)
  4. Loyalty programs for your most dedicated customers
  5. Transactional emails (eCommerce receipts, appointment notifications, etc.)

By letting your subscribers know what to expect, they’ll be more inclined to opening your newsletters once they land in the inbox.

Remember, we’re not looking to catch them with AMAZING-OFFERS-WITH-HUGE-DISCOUNTS-ACT-NOW-OR-MISS-OUT types of email once a week. We’re looking to build a relationship built on trust and professional reliance between you and your subscribers.

Make It Personal – Don’t Overthink It

One of the most efficient ways to turn people off from opening any of your future emails is to sound like a machine. Or a robot. Or a politician. Just pretend you’re sending off an email to a friend or a family member. The more down to earth and sincere you come across, the more likely they are to feel drawn to you and your business; meaning a bigger and better chance to build that trust we’ve been talking so much about.

So look to add personal touches whenever possible. That could be a first name, a fun meme relating to your industry, or even a question. Anything that will make you seem more like a friend instead of a keen sales rep will steer you in the right direction.

Include Interesting and Relevant Calls-To-Action

At the end of the day, every email marketer and website owner will be doing what they do for a reason. Most of the time, the reason behind getting a newsletter campaign started in the first place is to increase traffic to their website. And no matter what your cause is, you want to make sure the value you’re providing your subscribers with has some form of call-to-action.

This might be your top articles for the month, or a product promotion at the bottom of the newsletter. Whatever it is, try to (as smoothly as possible) segway your newsletter value onto the different calls-to-action throughout the email.

Get Inspired From Other Newsletters

When it comes down to getting your newsletter campaign on the road, don’t overthink it. Have a look at the newsletter you’re currently subscribed to, and dissect their approach to boil down why you take the time to read what they have to say.

By following people in the know, you’ll develop a sound understanding of what works and what doesn’t. After all, they probably already have walked the path that you’re trying to follow.

If you’re not subscribed to any newsletters, ask around. Check what your family or friends are following and why they have grown so fond of a particular newsletter. Remember, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You simply need to make it a little better, and remain relevant.

Where To From Here?

If you’re looking for more email marketing tips when launching a website or you’d like to learn more about effective email marketing, then look no further.

At Dimsou we offer practical application to take your business to the next level.

Whether you’d like more information or you’re feeling curious, simply get in touch using the button below and we’ll be sure to assist you!

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